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The Story of
StayYoung Chocolate
The inspiration
It all started in a small health food store in the Old Town of Tallinn, where I got to experiment with superfood ingredients. The surrounding meat restaurants and fast food joints fed my passion and dedication for raw, healthy, vibrant, nutritionally dense foods.I had followed a non-violent diet for decades, but it was only after discovering the raw diet that I fell in love with superfoods. During my first year of following a raw diet, I achieved my personal record of 700 pull-ups in a day. I was 33 years old. I knew I was onto something.The late nights of experimenting at the Old Town health food store resulted in four raw chocolate bars made from only superfood ingredients and coconut sugar: Classic, Goji, Mulberry and Chlorella. These are our bestsellers to date.
My enthusiasm for raw chocolate moved my friends. With their feedback, I kept developing my recipes, at my chocolate lab in the Old Town store. Working several jobs to finance my product development, I was slowly moving towards turning my dream for StayYoung chocolates into a reality.The breakthrough came when I found a distributor in Moscow. This meant growing beyond the Old Town store and increased volumes that validated that YourStory’s promise was clicking with people. Encouraged by this, I thought, “Why not go a step further? What if I can create chocolates that actually make people healthier?”The key was removing coconut sugar from the recipes. The best superfoods deserve the best sweeteners, which can be Yacon or even banana. And I couldn’t have been more thrilled to see that our customers agreed — the sugar-free raw chocolate bars sold out like there was no tomorrow.Our customers’ confidence in the StayYoung Chocolates keeps inspiring me. I am proud to keep working on chocolates that will make you healthier.
What will
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Try StayYoung and see meet the super you, on superfoods.
Thank you for your appreciation!
Horre Saluste, StayYoung Founder, Creative Director and CEO

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